Entry Squad

Lead Coach:  Sam Louw

Training Times: 


Tuesday:5.30pm to 6.15pm

Sunday:5.00pm to 6.00pm

Total Training Hours per Week = 1.75 hours

SAS Westhill Entry Squad is fortunate to have a large number of swimmers and trains across 6 lanes. 

Entry Squad allows swimmers to move from a Learn to Swim environment to a training environment where the focus remains on swimming skills and technique. Competitions skills will be introduced and developed. 

Criteria for entry to the Entry Squad


  1. Reasonably competent in the 3 main strokes

  2. Preferably have taken part in a ‘Learn to Swim’ Programme

  3. Able to: –

    • Swim 25m front crawl with unilateral breathing

    • Swim 25m back crawl

    • Swim 25m breast-stroke with good timing in Stroke

    • Able to attempt butterfly kick without use of float

  4. Perform a Plunge Dive

  5. Show reasonable level of water confidence.

  6. Familiar with terminology and ability to perform when asked: -

    • Streamlining

    • Push and glide – on front & back

    • Push and glide into forward roll d) Sculling