Wellbeing Protection


In a recent Questionnaire sent to random clubs many swimmers said they did not know what SWIMLINE was. The ASA have made it a priority to make ALL swimmers aged under 18 aware of what SWIMLINE is and the number to call. 

SWIMLINE was launched over 9 years ago for swimmers to raise concerns about themselves or other young people in their club who they feel are not being treated properly by other club members, coaches or officers, who maybe feel bullied or made unhappy by the action of an adult or another young person. It is a freephone number that will not show on a phone bill. 

When calling SWIMLINE you will get through to an answerphone where you will be asked to leave to a contact number and, if you wish, details of the concern. The ASA Child Protection Officer or a Swimline Counsellor will call you back, listen to your concerns and discuss and agree a way forward with you. If you need to speak to someone immediately you can hold rather than leave a message and you will be put through to an NSPCC CHILDLINE counsellor. 

The SWIMLINE number is 0808 100 4001. 

We hope your time in swimming is happy, enjoyable and successful but if you do need to seek some advice the SWIMLINE number can be found on the club notice board or on the website www.swimming.org

Club Codes of Conduct

Westhill District Amateur Swimming Club is committed to the promotion of excellence in swimming and the fostering of a sense of individual and team achievement within a competitive yet supportive environment. WDASC aims to provide the opportunity for all members to pursue their goals and aspirations to the best of their ability within a safe and fair environment.

The following codes of conduct are designed to assist in the achievement of these objectives.

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Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile phones may not be used in the changing areas, poolside or in the spectator area of Westhill Pool but can be used in the designated area within the foyer.

During competitions no photographs may be taken using camera, video equipment or mobile phones unless permission has been sought and granted previously by the Meet Convenor by completion of the appropriate form. This applies in all areas of the building.

During training sessions at the pool permission can be sought by completion of a form available from the pool office.